Identify Integrity

Use the form below to help identify potential hidden leaders who demonstrate integrity in your organization. Answer each question without too much thought. You will remember the hidden leaders you've unknowingly interacted with or heard about.

Answer this question...By identifying a specific person
(Answer by identifying the first person who comes to mind.)(Type a function or job title if you wish
to protect the person's identity.)
A work team is stuck with a process problem. Who would its members ask outside of the team for help?
A project faces a potential conflict of interest. Who raised the issue in the first place to the project team?
When your team must make a decision without all the facts, to whom do the members go for advice?
Who in your work group will dependably make decisions or act to address a problem?
Who in your work group would you ask to identify someone who might be good for a specific role or project?
Who in your organization is known for honesty? Collaboration? Ingenuity?
If you wanted to understand what someone in another function does, who might you ask in your company?