Evaluate a Hidden Leader

The better you can pinpoint a hidden leader's strengths, the easier it will be to develop missing skills and characteristics. Think of a specific person, and then review the steps that follow. Check the behaviors you have observed in all four areas: has integrity that shows, leads through relationships, focuses on results, and is customer purposed. The more checkmarks in each level, the more developed your hidden leader's abilities.

Notice that when you evaluate integrity that shows, you are evaluating both the hidden leader's ability to show integrity and others' perception of that integrity. There are no levels of integrity per se, because there are no variations on integrity. One has integrity or not. In terms of evaluating the hidden leader, then, you are simply evaluating that leader's ability to show the integrity that already exists within the leader's personality.


Description: Has the courage to consistently adhere to a strong ethical code, even in difficult situations.

Behaviors of the hidden leader
Observed Behaviors
Carefully evaluates before making promises that will be hard to fulfill
Keeps commitments regularly
Matches actions to verbal commitments
Informs colleagues regularly about changing workloads or deadlines
Consistently adheres to a strong personal ethical code
Acts in accordance with company values
Addresses potential ethical issues before they become major problems
Makes ethical decisions consistently
Speaks up when integrity issues are on the table, even if they are unpopular
Describes both sides of an issue or argument
Confronts others who act unethically or dishonestly
Behaviors of the hidden leader's colleagues
Observed Behaviors
Trusts the hidden leader to act in the best interests of the organization, its employees, and its customers
Describes hidden leader's treatment of others as fair and honest
Models personal ethical behavior on that of the hidden leader
Identifies the hidden leader as a good resource to help resolve disputes, clarify ambiguous situations, and address challenges
Describes support from the hidden leader for efforts, accomplishments, and professional development